iMovie – Video Blogging Done Right



If you are new to the world of online blogging, keep in mind that your readers will most likely get bored with your written content soon enough. Instead of just reading walls of text, many blog visitors will want something more exciting and fresh, with which they can connect with you on a more personal level. Of course, to do that, you will probably have to start creating and publishing videos.

These days, when doing business online, having the ability to connect with your target audience instantly is a must. This way, your audience can get to know you better, and, in turn, start liking you and trusting you. Keep in mind that making your videos and posting them on your blog will allow your audience to establish the personal connection they want. Fortunately, nowadays, video blogging can be done simply and easily, thanks to the tools such as iMovie.

If you are unfamiliar with iMovie, let us guide you through this tool and show you how it can help you produce high-quality videos.

Available for PCs too

22nlkjgpjoInitially, iMovie tool was only designed for Apple devices, such as iPhones, Macbooks, etc. These days, however, there is also iMovie for pc, which means you can use it even though you have a Windows-based computer.

Now, let’s focus on how you should use iMovie to make your videos

Keep it simple and short

It is no secret that people have a terribly short attention span these days. This is a fact, regardless of whether we are watching videos or reading blog posts. Keep this in mind when making your videos. Anything longer than, say, three minutes will most likely cause the audience to quickly lose interest, which will result in a lower number of likes. Therefore, make sure to make bite-sized videos, instead of making one, overly long recording.

Editing your videos

Once you have recorded your video, you are ready to carefully put it together and subsequently share it with your audience. With iMovie, this entire process is quick and simple. iMovie comes with a good number of basic and editing features, which are there to help you make your videos exactly how you want them. While it is tempting to add various effects and transitions. Try not to go overboard. Don’t forget that adding too many effects and eye-candy features to your videos can make them quite distracting and cause your audience to click away.

One of the most useful features of iMovie involves various themes. With these, you can spice up and customize your videos, all to your liking. You can also add ending credits and titles as well. Doing all of this is very simple, as it only requires you to choose your feature and then drag & drop it. Last, but not least, you can also add music with iMovie as well.

Publish your videos

33mnkgkOnce you have created your videos and edited them to your liking, you are ready to share them with your audience. Of course, this is also made easier thanks to iMovie, since it possesses a basic upload and export feature. With this feature, you can quickly post your videos on popular video sharing sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo and so on.…

Choosing the best pop up canopy

tent for occassion


The outdoors can be quite exciting if you know how to make the most out of them. The venue is the most important highlight of the entire set. If you are to hold an outdoor event, then you should do it in style despite the kind of weather outside. A pop-up canopy is just what you need to spice and spruce things up. The best part is that you can get only the very best from those that know what they are doing. They know exactly how to pick your outdoor events from the ordinary look to the chic one.

Finding the best popup canopy

man under the tentWhy would you settle for ordinary tents when you can have the most exquisite and delightful options. For instance, everyone seems to be doing popup canopies for reasons without number. What with their elegance, chic looks, and convenience, who would turn this option down? Instead, people everywhere are on the lookout for professionally done canopies.

The weather changes from time to time and messes us up to some extent. All the more reason for you to be prepared at all times. Surprising to most of us that technology does have a hand in everything we see as we stroll past some outdoor events.

Qualities of the best popup canopy

Now that you are ready to step out and try something new, what you need is something to guide you, click here for some leads to the best popup canopies you could ever land.

  1. The fabric used in its manufacture. This feature is quite sensitive because it has to be attractive to those viewing it from afar. It is also sensitive because it should be able to brave any weather.
  2. The strength of the frame. How else is it supposed to stand firm if not for the frame? This is what helps it stand firm and also helps give it shape. If the frame is done to perfection, the canopies are meant to last.
  3. Versatility. The best popup canopy is the one that can work in all sorts of surroundings. Whether it is in the quietness and stillness of the weather, it should be able to accommodate you accordingly.

How to choose a popup canopy

tent cityHaving all the guidelines at your fingertips is not enough. You still need to muster the art of actually picking up the right canopy. Here are some more guidelines to picking the best available.

  1. Look out for the style of the canopy. If it tickles your fancy, go ahead and have the professionals do what they do best. Make sure that it is exactly what you have been looking for.
  2. The weight is also of grave importance. It all depends on the duration of time you would like to have it standing. For instance, if your event lasts more than a day, you deserve a stronger popup canopy.
  3. Accommodation capacity. Check how many people your preferred popup canopy can hold. You will have to ensure that your guests will not get too uncomfortable by having to squeeze themselves in.

Best tips when choosing e-cigs

vaping experience

If you are in search for the best e-cig, you need to research to get the best one.  There are many electronic cigarettes in the market, and thus it makes it hard to choose the appropriate one. It can be overwhelming to make a decision if you are a beginner in electronic cigarettes. You do not have to be worried about getting the suitable e-cig. For the new deals on the best e-cigs, click on the highlighted link. Here are tips that will come in handy when you are in search of an e-cig.

Nicotine levels

nicotine levels

The nicotine level is one of the considerations when buying an electronic cigarette.  You need to know the number of nicotine levels that you need.  For a heavy smoker, there are e-cig brands that offer 24mg cartridge which will be the ideal choice.   Such an e-cig will no doubt satisfy all your cravings. The electronic cigarette will also not drain the battery quickly. A majority of the users use the 18 mg cartridges.  If you want to reduce the amount of nicotine that you consume, then you need to go for four different options.  The four options are spread between 6mg.

Vapor production

The amount of vapor produced by an e-cig is vital when you want to have a pleasant smoking experience.  Majority of the brands have enough vapor, but it may not be like the one produced by a cigarette.  You will get used to the amount of smoke released in no time.  If the electronic cigarette has plenty of fumes, then you will get a smoking effect.  You need to determine just how much smoke you will need in an electronic cigarette.


When it comes to electronic cigarettes, you need to look for one that has a long-lasting battery.   There are some batteries that can go up to 300 puffs.  You will enjoy your electronic cigarette for longer.  The starter kits have more than one battery, and you can have a spare one just in case the one you have runs out. You can also choose to use the automatic or manual battery. If you want to have a cigarette-like experience, then you are better off with an e-cig with automatic battery.


flavors for vaping

There are different flavors in the market, and thus it is a factor to consider when choosing an e-cig. You can choose from flavors like coffee, vanilla, pina colada, and chocolate among others.  Choosing the flavor will allow you to enjoy your electronic cigarette much better.


Best Tips When Purchasing Dab Rings


People are slowly embracing dabbing; smoke inhalation vapor through heating up of herb concentrates. For first timers, this can be intimidating but once they get the hang of it, it becomes pleasurable. Here is a guide that will make sure you are on the right track to purchasing great cheap dab rigs;



The choice in selecting the best dab rig depends on how much money you are willing to spend. The dab rigs come in various forms and sophistication.


The glass rigs come in fancy glassware per the manufacturer’s models. Some have single chambers because others are multi-chambered. However, all these designs have little effect when it comes to the dabbing effect. Before making a purchase consider the following:


There are three common sizes of glass joints – 10,14 and 18 millimeters with each having a male and female type for measurement. Each size of the joint is a pointer to how much air it lets in. The sex determines what nail to buy.


The market is rife with a variety of concentrates. You should make sure that you match the dab tool with the consistency of your concentrate.

Dab nail

These come in varieties that are common in the market: titanium, ceramic and quartz. Choose a dabber tool that matches your rig. This is key because of control of airflow, vapor temperature for sublimation.

Dab size

Choose a rig that complements your set up. This means that choose a rig that accommodates your concentration and dosage. Knowing your personal or group dosage will point you towards which rig to use.

Water volume

A small rig with less water volumes will tend to give a direct hit with amplified flavor. In the same breath, a larger rig with a lot of water content will give a much smoother hit and lesser flavor.


It is important to buy a rig that you can easily move around to different settings that accommodate you and your visitors. Consider a rig that has a firm base that cannot easily topple over when in use or in store.



Research widely on the materials that make up the rig. For glass rigs, consider trying out the rigs when they have water in them and when they are empty. This will give you and indicator of their durability. You can also find a quality glass shop that stocks rigs.

Whether you intend to get the cheapest or the easiest possible route to dab or perhaps you want that delayed satisfaction these tips are bound to set you on the right track. Get opinions from people who dab often on rigs and nails. This will help you make the best decision on the most convenient rig to buy. Feel free to experiment with different rigs until you settle on one that suits your needs.




Types Of Horseback Riding


One of the major things most people are not aware is that there are several types of horseback riding. The styles of riding are referred to as disciplines in the horse lingo.

Thus, before you lease or purchase a horse, or even undertake lessons, you need to know the discipline that is good for you. Each type of discipline has a different form of tack. Tack is the riding equipment such as bridles, and saddles. Moreover, the rider assumes a broad range of riding positions. For instance, in saddle seat, you can sit further back. The choice of horseback riding san diego type is a personal one. It is advisable to select a discipline which appeals to you. The common silicones include dressage, saddle seat, western, and hunt seat.

Horse Riding Disciplines

Hunt Seat

gwed6ghwe7duj22This is an English displacing that originated from British sport. It is regarded as one of the most common disciplines across the world. If you love jumping, then this is the ideal discipline for you. The majority of the people who participate in this discipline usually participate in horse shows that involve higher jumps.


This is another common English discipline. In fact, it is known to be oldest riding style in the world. Used by the military in ancient Europe. Dressage is a French word that means training. In this style, you need to guide your horse through many complex maneuvers through slight movements of your legs, weight, and hands. In this discipline, riders compete in different tests that increase the level of difficulty. At every level, the horse is examined for relaxation, contact, impulsion, and rhythm.


tg2w3edf6chywe7du2iu2It is possible you have watched cowboy movies; then you are familiar with this style of riding. This style can be credited to western. It is enjoyed by people who herd cattle. It is now a form of show riding and pleasure riding. The common classes include trail, reining, gymkhana, cutting, and roping.

Saddle Seat

This is an English discipline that is unique to American people. Its history originates from American South where this particular discipline is quite popular. The main purpose of this particular style is to show. However, some riders enjoy trail riding. When it comes to saddle seat competitions, the rider’s position and horse movement can be judged. Successful horses in this particular discipline are quite flashy. If you want to enjoy this style of riding, it is advisable to go for a riding vacation.…