Types Of Horseback Riding


One of the major things most people are not aware is that there are several types of horseback riding. The styles of riding are referred to as disciplines in the horse lingo.

Thus, before you lease or purchase a horse, or even undertake lessons, you need to know the discipline that is good for you. Each type of discipline has a different form of tack. Tack is the riding equipment such as bridles, and saddles. Moreover, the rider assumes a broad range of riding positions. For instance, in saddle seat, you can sit further back. The choice of horseback riding san diego type is a personal one. It is advisable to select a discipline which appeals to you. The common silicones include dressage, saddle seat, western, and hunt seat.

Horse Riding Disciplines

Hunt Seat

gwed6ghwe7duj22This is an English displacing that originated from British sport. It is regarded as one of the most common disciplines across the world. If you love jumping, then this is the ideal discipline for you. The majority of the people who participate in this discipline usually participate in horse shows that involve higher jumps.


This is another common English discipline. In fact, it is known to be oldest riding style in the world. Used by the military in ancient Europe. Dressage is a French word that means training. In this style, you need to guide your horse through many complex maneuvers through slight movements of your legs, weight, and hands. In this discipline, riders compete in different tests that increase the level of difficulty. At every level, the horse is examined for relaxation, contact, impulsion, and rhythm.


tg2w3edf6chywe7du2iu2It is possible you have watched cowboy movies; then you are familiar with this style of riding. This style can be credited to western. It is enjoyed by people who herd cattle. It is now a form of show riding and pleasure riding. The common classes include trail, reining, gymkhana, cutting, and roping.

Saddle Seat

This is an English discipline that is unique to American people. Its history originates from American South where this particular discipline is quite popular. The main purpose of this particular style is to show. However, some riders enjoy trail riding. When it comes to saddle seat competitions, the rider’s position and horse movement can be judged. Successful horses in this particular discipline are quite flashy. If you want to enjoy this style of riding, it is advisable to go for a riding vacation.…