Tim Donnelly for Governor

About Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1966, moved to Virginia and grew up in Michigan. As the third oldest among 14 children, Tim learned from an early age the importance of responsibility, the value of hard work, and the gift of family. As a sophomore in High School, he paid his own tuition at a private high school by working several jobs.

Tim left Michigan after attending University of Michigan on scholarship for one year and made his way to California to attend the University of California, Irvine in 1985. Working several jobs to pay his own way, Tim earned his B. A. in English. After college he went to work for his father in the small family business, supplying parts to plastics manufacturers.

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Patriotism over Politics

The issues our next Governor will face in his first term will determine the future of California forever. California needs the right leadership willing to tackle the greatest challenges our state has ever faced. The solutions to our problems are rooted in these foundational principles.